Can drugs against anxiety become a universal cure for fear?

The drug for the therapy of cardiovascular disease was effective in the case of unexplained fears. The main active substances, such as Diazepam, Lorazepam, Alprazolam in Xanax, Valium and other medications, help cope with the acquired phobias, as well as the stress that remains after severe injuries. This is especially useful and even irreplaceable in the period of rehabilitation after psychological disorders in the body and problems with the perception of reality against the background of serious negative events experienced. This can be as local personal events, such as the loss of a relative or a friend, as well as global events, such as an air crash or even a massive assault. Can drugs against anxiety become a universal cure for fear?

Researchers over the years have tried to create drugs that suppress fear. But so far, it and many nervous disorders are very difficult to treat, especially if there are psychological characteristics of the perception of fear in a particular person. Most often, anti-anxiety drugs are used to treat fear without reason, when a person is prone to sudden and spontaneous panic attacks. However, drugs can also be used to treat fear with a known cause, be it a childhood trauma or an acquired experience. The main feature is the need for additional psychological treatment. These can be visits to a doctor for conversations or various therapies that will give a result only in conjunction with the drug. The use of anti-anxiety drugs will allow the patient to relax for a while and realize the absence of a real threat in what causes the panic.

Currently, doctors are using a program, the meaning of which is to show patients all fear in a calm environment. This helps patients look more calmly at facing their fears. After a certain period in the memory of a person, the connection between memories of unpleasant events is blurred. To improve the condition, doctors can individually select a bio complex. However, this method is not perfect. There is a risk that after a while, the phobias will return. Therefore, you should be prepared that the treatment will need to be repeated. According to statistics, after the second treatment, the third stage is not required. It helps consolidate the result in practice and a person can already do without pills in real life. At the same time, the sleep regime and other nuances that prevent healthy rest and, as a result, a full life, full of joy and positive emotions, are restored.

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